Family Unit 1

2 air-conditioned rooms w/ 2 double-size bed each
2 T&B, TV set huge terrace, relax chairs
Sala & Dining sets, Kitchen, Lavatory.
Standard Unit

air-conditioned w/ doulbe size bed, T&B TVset w/ small terrace
Canopy/Nipa Table

outside the resort premise, w/in the sea shore, small table w/ benches on sides, relax chairs
(for canopy cottages cottages entire area) 20 pax capacity built-in small table w/ side benches
(for nipa hut) - 6 pax per table
Private House

concrete construction, fully furnished
(TV, ref, gas range, sala set dining set)
2 big air-conditioned rooms w/ beds, Air-con attic
2 T&Bs, private pool, garage, dirty kitchen
Private Rooms

Condo Style - big air-con room with 2 double size beds
fully furnished, sala, dining area, kitchen, T&B
Modern Nipa Hut

Modern nipa hut with 2 non air-conditioned rooms w/
double size bed each room, T&B, terrace to serve as
sala & dining, kitchen, lavatory
Function Room

2 non air-conditioned rooms with double-size bed each
electric fan terrace, table & benches, T&B, kitchen
lavatory, near the sea shore
Family Unit 2

2 air-conditioned rooms w/ double-size bed each, T&B
Kitchen, sala set, huge terrace over looking the sea
to serve as dining area
2009 'L Caraz Beach Front Dimensionne Dine-In

      'L Caraz Dimensionne   

Beach Front    Restaurant 
Private House Rooms
Private Pool Cottages
Grocery Gift Shop
Snack Bar Catering
Sing Along and more

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